Business Strategist & Audio Engineer, Graham Cochrane. 

Graham built out such a successful audio engineer business, that he decided to start teaching business strategies to other entrepreneurs.

Powered by Kajabi.

In 2013 Graham was looking for a way to drip out content... and then he found Kajabi.

Graham has launched and scaled a six-figure audio engineer business on Kajabi, through the use of online courses. He began this journey in early 2013 when he got laid off due to the recession. Graham grew a presence online but decided he wanted to own his content and stop giving away all his best advice for free.

After finding so much success with his first online business on Kajabi, Recording Revolution, he decided now he wanted to dive into the world of teaching others how to start and scale their online business. He does this with Kajabi, through the Kajabi Partner program.

"Kajabi is like all the tools I used to have, all in one. It makes life easy and allows you to make more money."

After finding out that the Kajabi Partner Program was revamped, including the new 30% commission for the lifetime of a referral model, Graham was "pumped" to get started referring his clients to Kajabi. 

Graham sees the Kajabi Partner Program as a side revenue stream, particularly for his business coaching business, that runs on Kajabi. He realized that he was already using, and loving, Kajabi so it just made sense to begin recommending it as his platform of choice for online businesses. 


"What I love about Kajabi as a platform is that it is just so relevant."


Graham loves that in addition to the "all-in-one" nature of Kajabi, he claims that everything he thinks of gets added as features before he even says anything. He loves that as the platform grows and adds new functionality, it still pays the same amount for a tool that is as innovative as they get.

Graham says that Kajabi is "forward thinking" and that because of that his business is never out of date. He recommends it to his students because of the fact that Kajabi keeps up with the "trends and technology" and bakes it into the platform.


"Kajabi makes me feel like I have a team."


Graham has had many phases of his online business through starting as an audio engineer instructor, to a business coach, all of which are powered by Kajabi.

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