Visibility Expert Michelle Lewis.

Michelle helps CEO's become celebrities in their niche through Hollywood strategies.

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Become much more visible in the online space... in a lot less time.

Through a life changing moment as a Television and Film producer, Michelle made the desicion that she no longer wanted to be apart of a 14 hour work-day and cut-throat world of Hollywood and instead wanted to teach the skills she learned about visibility to online entrepreneurs.

"I wanted to serve in a way of showing people, hey you can do this, you can get past these visibility barriers which I had to do in the film industry. But show that to everyday entrepreneurs who feel like they can't be seen or their not deserving to be seen."

"I transfer all of my material to Kajabi in 4 days and fell in love with it. I have never gone back."

Michelle started her online business with an e-book, which eventually developed into an online course about visbility and sharing your story. She has been on "a million and one" softwares and remembers the pain of having to string together programs that just flat out didn't work.

When she joined Kajabi, it just worked. She said that she "had a gut feeling" that this platform was where she needed to be. Once on Kajabi, she immediately saw the power and realized that she wanted to be a Kajabi Partner. After starting the Partner Program with Kajabi, Michelle earned her rewards quickly, even remembering the time when Kajabi sent her an Amazon gift card for hitting Bronze Kajabi Partners (3 referrals) saying:


"Having someone who isn't your husband or your parent recognize something you have done is huge."


Michelle says that when she is passionate about a product, she will shout it from the rooftops. One of the ways she does this as a Kajabi Partner is through her weekly Zoom coaching calls where she walks her referrals through Kajabi answering questions about the platform.

She loves the feedback from her referrals who tell her things like "this software is such a lifesaver" and "I am saving so much time and money with Kajabi"! 


"I had a friend call me from New York who said 'I showed your website [on Kajabi] to my father, who is a big time editor, and he thought you were a millionaire'"


The main things that pulled Michelle to Kajabi, and why she recommends it to her students is because of "having everything in one place with fast load times and mobile responsiveness".  

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